Goals of a customer journey and it’s needs

The Customer Journey is quite interesting in online marketing or digital channels. Finally, you can see with the help of tracking technology consumer behavior closely. The technology of the customer journey analysis provides concrete benefits from all touch points caused by advertising.
So what are critical points and must have findings for such a work. Let’s sum up in some points.
1. With the knowledge gained it is possible to detect interactions between the channels and touch points and potentials for optimization which derive from it.
a. Showing that the channels have an impact on each other and sometimes in kind of dependencies and sometimes they should organized in a certain order.
b. Related effects may be in the form of synergy and or canibalizing effects.
2. With the findings of a customer journey analysis should be further clarified whether the last touch point was the only decisive factor for a purchase of a product or that was created by a combination of a certain combine of multiple contacts and channels.
3. To find this out, tracking technologies of the customer journey analysis provides the tangible benefit of all touch points to reveal the result of advertising. With the knowledge gained, it is possible to detect interactions between the channels and touch points to derive potential for optimization from it. In this matter it can be shown that the “last cockie counts” Principle is not the reflection of the reality and should have another renumeration form.
4. Figuring out how to map the consuming behavior to the cahnnel interactions and the advertising effect. There should be shown a construction of the behavior with the information need the channel goes to fullfill.
5. With the right analysis and a mathematical model mapped to the data, measurement difficulties should be solved regarding the relation of the right activities to the ad campaigns.
6. A Central Plattform with the needed data should be organized to get all the data together used for a decision. It should work out the main key performance indicators to make fast decisions on a campaign if it is successful or not.
7. The new knowledge helps advertising agencies and media companies distributing better and more efficient the operating budget to individual channels to improve marketing for all online activities of a company.
By studying the customer journey, new insights into the behavior and preferences of the target group will win new aspects of use and responses to Internet advertising. The new knowledge will help advertisers and agencies distributing media budget to the individual channels by improving the efficiency of all activities of a company in online marketing. Maximise customer satisfaction, reduce effort, optimise marketing spend and minimise waste. Only those who are able to associate each advertising campaign and each channel the right relevance and customer value will use budgets that are not 1.1 out of 1+1, rather than 2.

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