Motivation of the Customer Journey

Half the Money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I do not know which half, John Wannamaker said some time ago. Butaney and Wortzel figured out, that  understanding Customer needs and buying criteria goes to the heart of effective marketing and has a major influence of channel selection. This sentnce exactly covers the work of an online marketing team in an organization. The reason why I was interested in this topic comes with the likeliness to KPI oriented Performance Marketing. Due to the ineffectiveness of Marketing in an offline World I want to give an example how it can be different in an online world.

Due to the strong diversity increase of customers in the market, many companies moves from a product oriented approach to a customer centric approach. But to design the customer centric approach successful, it will require an efficient communication structure with the customer.  The question is how can I reach my customers and how respectively when can I communicate with him?

This approach has always been one of the key issues of marketing. To find a solution for this problem, it is essential that the purchasing behavior of the customers must be reflected. This decision process with its contact points found as part of the customer relationship management. In this area of Marketing the decision process is called the customer journey and the individual points of communication with the demand generation or presentation of their products were called Touch Points. Customer Journey is therefore the explanation of behavior if an action or a certain action was effected through a touch point or not. For this, it is necessary to have an analysis of motives and needs, whereby gaps need to be detected, which can develop new communication channels and types (market niches). Often small products are not designed for mass communication, however, it can achieve excellent Return on Marketing invests in niches. Also to be treated in such an extensive analysis should be subjective opinions, ideas and stereotypes that can affect image strategies. Which advertising media can have an embossed stamp effect or serve as an initiator for a customer journey? To this extent this needs a working out of consumer types or target segments and predicting consumer reactions to formulate the effectiveness of the touch points qualitatively and quantitatively. To quantify the effectiveness of advertising in an offline world is quiet impossible or not really valid because there are al a lot of assumptions which will be taken.

In contrast, the Internet offers great opportunities for its analytics possibilities. The Customer Journey describes the journey of the user from the need identification through to the purchase. To know a large part of this path, means for advertisers a distinct advantage: you know the measures which individually or in combination will lead to success and where they appear to potential customers at key points to make a lasting impression.

In term of the customer journey are many topics associated, they reflect partially the same value but not exactly.  The so-called online customer journey describes the way of the user over a certain number of touch points to the end of an online conversion. This article is limited exclusively to the online customer journey. The aspects of business psychology, especially the consumer behavior, will help you to understand the customer process better. It is not about a review of advertising campaigns in a media mix of online and offline channels. It´s about the quality and performance-based modeling of customers travel-coded with different intentions of use constructs to increase the Return of marketing Invest.


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