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umfrage kaufverhalten

Ergebnisse zur Umfrage zum Kaufverhalten bzw. Customer Journey der Konsumenten / Kunden

Ich möchte mich vielmals bedanken für die rege Teilnahme. 100 leute haben Zeit gefudnen mich hier zu unterstützen. Das hatte ich wirklich nicht erwartet. Vielen vielen Dank nochmal. Aber nun zu den Ergebnissen. Im Rahmen meiner Evaluierungen zur Customer Journey habe ich versucht das Kundenvorgehen zu strukturieren und habe es in einem Fragebogen unter verschiedenen Kapiteln zusammengefasst (Download als PDF findest du am Ende des Artikels). Die Kapitel befassen Grundinformationen zum Online Kauf Online Marketing Online kaufverhalten Online Kundenbindung Dabei haben unterschiedliche Fragen die Kategorien befüllt: ========================================= Welche Produkte / Dienstleistungen kaufen Sie im Internet? —Bücher und Tickets werden im Internet am häufigsten erworben. ————————————————————————– Wie oft nutzen Sie das…

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Goals of a customer journey and it’s needs

The Customer Journey is quite interesting in online marketing or digital channels. Finally, you can see with the help of tracking technology consumer behavior closely. The technology of the customer journey analysis provides concrete benefits from all touch points caused by advertising. So what are critical points and must have findings for such a work. Let’s sum up in some points. 1. With the knowledge gained it is possible to detect interactions between the channels and touch points and potentials for optimization which derive from it. a. Showing that the channels have an impact on each other and sometimes in kind of dependencies and sometimes they should organized in a…

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challenge of a customer journey

The Internet offers companies a variety of potential advertising space and measures. Between seach engine marketing and search engine optimization, or display and cooperation, e-mail and social marketing is much room for creativity, sales skills, product messages or brand messages. The plethora of options can also be a problem, because each discipline costs money – and sometimes it is even expensive. Even in times of still-million dollar budgets for online marketing, no company can allow just have to try something with no success in sight. Or rather, it “should” not do which is forcing the companies to become more performance-oriented. In exactly these situation, it’s about looking at the totality…

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Motivation of the Customer Journey

Half the Money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I do not know which half, John Wannamaker said some time ago. Butaney and Wortzel figured out, that  understanding Customer needs and buying criteria goes to the heart of effective marketing and has a major influence of channel selection. This sentnce exactly covers the work of an online marketing team in an organization. The reason why I was interested in this topic comes with the likeliness to KPI oriented Performance Marketing. Due to the ineffectiveness of Marketing in an offline World I want to give an example how it can be different in an online world. Due to…

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